Netherlands Film Production Incentive: 30% Cash rebate

During the Cannes Film Festival 2014, the Netherlands Film Fund launched a new initiative: the Netherlands Film Production Incentive. This programme is intended to make the Netherlands more attractive to international film makers.

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive offers a 30% cash rebate for eligible expenditure in the Netherlands. More information on the new system and guidelines can be found at and

NL Film's producer Alain de Levita is extraordinarily pleased with the The Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the Cash rebate. Since the foundation of NL Film in 2001, we have specialised in feature films, television dramas and teen dramas. We have also built up a large, international network.

NL Film is your preferred co production partner to take advantage of this attractive incentive regulation.

Our crime series 'PENOZA' is a great success worldwide, with remakes in the USA (under the title 'Red Widow'), Poland and Russia.
The remake rights for the action thriller 'TAPED' were sold to Sony Columbia/TriStar for Red Wagon Entertainment  (Doug Wick, Lucy Fisher).
Our TV- movie  tv-film ‘THE STONGEST MAN OF HOLLAND' has won serveral international awards such as a Prix Europa and a Rockie Award in 2011. This film also has been nominated for a Kids Emmy Award.  
Our police comedy 'POPOZ' is currently broadcast by Comedy Central throughout Northern Europe.

At home, we are successful with popular tv series such as, 'AAF' (based on the US hit series from the 80-ties 'ROSEANNE') , MOEDER, IK WIL BIJ DE REVUE (‘I want to join the Cabaret’) and PENOZA. In cinema we are succeful with blockbusters such as 'DE STORM' ('The Storm'- Recognized for oustanding achievement in filmmaking at Stony-Brook, NYC in 2010) and 'MANNENHARTEN' ('Men and the City).

In addition, we are the market leader in the field of teen drama with our - award winning- high school series 'SPANGAS' (nominated for a Rose d'Or in 2009).

More information on the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the 30% Cash rebate

For more information on the the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and the Cash rebate, you can contact 

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