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Best Friends (season 12)

SYNOPSISIn Best Friends, we follow the day-to-day experiences of ten pupils at their high school, Spangalis College. These ‘SpangaS’ have all kinds of exciting adventures, many of which will feel very familiar. The stories take place mainly around the school and the playground, but sometimes also at home. All of the pupils have their own individual backgrounds. They experience and learn about love, friendship, loneliness, sorrow, school, teachers, parents, divorce, belonging, bullying, dreams for the future and much, much more – in short, life itself.2,000th episodeBest Friends is the longest-running daily youth drama series in the Netherlands – Season 11 is currently being broadcast daily on the NPO Zapp channel. Shooting for Season 12 started in early April, and in November of this year the series will celebrate twelve and a half years with its 2,000th episode.CREATIVE PRODUCERKaja WolffersDIRECTORSNick Jongerius, David Cocheret, Raynor Arkenbout, Elzelien Peters, Lodewijk van Lelyveld, Ivo van Aart, Anne van Keimpema, Lucas Camps en Eva NijsWRITERSAnya Koek (eindredactie), Brian de Vore, Marte Steendam, Sophie Bennink, Jetske Vulsema, Patrick Limpens, Diana Sno, Ceciel Jacobs, Marije Willemsen, Lidewij Martens, Vincent van Zelm, Gerben Hetebrij, Pepijn van WeerenON AIRSeptember 2018BROADCASTERKRO-NCRV  

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